Outdoor camping: small knowledge of building tents, as well as common problems and solutions


Precautions before setting up a tent

After a long journey, everyone wants to set up a tent to rest as soon as possible. If you are only waiting for the night, the weather is good, even if you don't get along well. But if you plan to stay for a few days, or if there is a possibility of heavy rain, there are a few points that you should pay attention to before you set up your tent.


Do your homework

Some camps have special requirements for the location of the tents. That's why I recommend calling the advice before you leave. Do your homework beforehand so you can save time when you arrive at the campsite.

How to choose a location

If you are going to a fully equipped campsite, you should first find the reception desk and the staff will assign you a numbered tented location. In this case, you basically don't need to think about it yourself. Unless you feel unsatisfied with the location, you can ask the staff for a change. In other camps, especially those that are free to choose where to build tents, everything needs to be decided by yourself. The next page introduces some common sense of picking places, and the next two pages give a real-life example of how to be the best place.

Choose a location

After excluding the series of unfavorable factors mentioned on the previous page, you can finally take a good look at the location you have chosen. The example given on this page is a great place to build a tent. Many details should be carefully studied before you take the tent off the car.


Although the grass on the ground is sparse, the foundation is flat and solid, without any traces of water erosion. About 18 meters from the river bank is enough to ensure the safety and quiet of the camp.



2. Trees

The location of the trees is ideal. It can not only block the wind, but also the branches of the sky. It will not accidentally fall down and reach the tent. If necessary, you can use the trunk to bind the awning.

3. Water

The river provides a good source of water, but be careful if the river is flooding. It is also dangerous for children to play by the river. Pay more attention.



4. Wind direction

If the wind direction is constant, the tent entrance should be facing the downwind, especially for lightweight tents that are afraid of crosswinds.

5. Bonfire

Located behind the tent, between the river bank. The center of the circle is the place where wood can be burned. Be careful when using fire in the wild.

How to build a tent

Here are three examples. These three tents are easier, a little more detailed, please be patient.

Family tent

The family tent is large in size and can accommodate up to 10 people. It has a solid structure but is generally adaptable to bad weather. Although it is safest for children to sleep with adults, when buying a family tent, it is best to choose multiple compartments inside so that family members can keep their private space when needed.


1. Take the folded tent out of the bag. This tent has a dome shape with extended space and quick installation design, which is more convenient if two people work together. Set up your account first, then take the account.

2. Spread the internal account at the approximate location of the selected tent. Since the tent is formed separately, it can be moved after it is set up.

3. Insert the five struts for supporting the inner ledger into the corresponding chutes. Each struts and chutes have corresponding color markings and are not mistaken.

4. Put the propped internal account to the predetermined position. Drill in and lie down to see if the ground has any influence on the comfort of the pothole bulge. If there is no problem, fix the inner account with the nail pile.

5. When the tent is large and there are many nails, it is recommended to use a hammer or a stone. The nail pile must be slightly inclined to the direction of the tent.

6. After the foreign account is set up, the space inside the tent will be arranged. This is the partition inside the tent, which is divided into the rear as a bedroom.

7. The built tent is surrounded by woods, with a flat terrain, good ventilation and plenty of light. As a base for wild life, it not only provides a place to sleep, but also provides an independent living space.

Alpine tent

Alpine tents are suitable for outdoor enthusiasts who take self-driving wilderness as a routine. Although it is heavier than a portable tent, the alpine tent can be hung on the backpack and can be used in the wild in winter and summer. You don't have to worry that the tents that work well will be boasted by a demon. Alpine tents are relatively short, and people can't stand inside, but they have front and rear foyes like ordinary tents, so that they can cook or stack items.



1. Open the bag, remove the floor mat and determine the position of the instrument. This geodetic tent needs to be fixed with nails at the corners.

2. Insert five different color struts into the nylon belt sockets (four corners and side lines) of the corresponding color, and insert the four-corner struts first.

3. Locate the hook in the center of the tent, hang it and fasten the hook. Then hang all other hooks on the poles and fasten them.

4. After installing the other two main poles, you can hang up the account. The typical appearance of geodesic tents is now visible. The cross strut design is the key to its ability to withstand harsh weather such as high winds.

5. Put the foreign account on the inner ledge and the pole, and fasten the connecting rope on the outer ledt to the pole. Then use the 5th struts to set up the outer ledger to form the foyer.

6. Attach the buckle at the bottom of the outer ledt to the buckle on the nylon strap that was previously opened. Tighten the connecting cord so that the tent can be in good condition even in strong winds or bad weather.

7. It looks like it is completely set up. Most of the mountaineering tents are packed with internal accounts and then loaded with external accounts. The two-layered account and the crossed support bars are very strong.

Light tent

The tents that can comfortably carry away will not be too big. But this channel tent can meet the needs of at least two people. The inside and outside accounts can be set up at the same time. This is the biggest advantage of this tent. It is especially useful in rainy days, but this tent must be built along the wind direction, because the crosswind is fatal to it.



1. The folded tent can be divided into two parts of equal weight to facilitate the sharing of the two. Like most modern tents, the support bar is divided into multiple sections with a stretch cord connection in the middle and needs to be manually connected.

2. Try to shake the tent completely. If the wind is large, you can use the nail pile to fix one end of the foreign account.

3. The end of the pole groove of this tent is closed, and the support rod can only penetrate from the other end. Both ends of the support rod have a tip at one end and a blunt end at the other end, and must be inserted into the groove with a blunt tip.

4. Insert the other end of the support rod into the brass buckle on the nylon strap that secures the bottom of the tent. Then spread the tent as far as possible, break into the pegs, and tighten the nylon strap.

5. Pinch the buckle on the inner ledger into the plastic ring on the outer ledt and tighten it (if the weather is good, you can only carry the foreign account, which is lighter).

6. Insert the nail pile, fix the nylon belt, and finally fix the tent with the support cable, so as not to be blown when the wind is strong.

Common problems and solutions

It's not difficult to set up a tent, but that doesn't mean it's perfect every time. In most cases (such as the bottom of the tent is not flattened) this is nothing. But if the weather forecast is rainy or windy, your tent will be severely tested. If the internal and external accounts are not neatly arranged, they will touch each other, and the rain may seep into the internal account; if the support and the tent are not tightened, the tent may be shaken in the wind or even blown down. How can we avoid these problems?

The foreign account is not flattened

The problem arises that the outer tent of the mountain tent is not flattened, causing a gap between the bottom of the outer ledger and the ground, which is prone to problems in strong winds or heavy rain.

Adjustment method Tighten the adjustment belt, adjust the height of the outer ledger, tighten the outer ledger, and reduce the distance from the ground.

The effect now wrinkles on the outer ledger has disappeared, this is what it should be. The strength of the tent can meet the design requirements.

Unbalanced account

The occurrence of wrinkles at the bottom of the problem means that the tent is not fully flattened. As a light tent, this will make the use of the tent smaller, and it means that the tent is not fully stable.

Adjustment method Adjust the two connecting straps at the opposite corners and tighten the support rods.

The effect is to flatten the floor area the largest. For a small tent, this difference will mean whether you sleep comfortably.

Support rod asymmetry

The problem with the top channel tent support bar is not in a straight line, so the tent is not straightened, the outer account is wrinkled, and the width of the tent is not normal.

The adjustment method adjusts the connecting belt where the support rod sleeve is located, so that the support position of the central support rod is in line with the two sides. These straps control the width of the tent and tighten the straps to maximize the width of the tent.

The effect of the central support bar and the other two parallel, the folds on the tent also disappeared. The account of the internal account has been flattened, and the width of the internal account has also reached the maximum.

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