How to buy outdoor tents


The tent, one of the three-piece camping, is also the most basic guarantee for us to spend the night in the wild, but its role in the camping process is relatively limited.

Tent does not promise to keep warm, camping to keep warm is the task of sleeping bag, the main function of the tent is wind, rain, snow, dust, insect, moisture, ventilation, providing a relatively comfortable rest environment for campers.

Generally, tents are divided into automatic tents and hand tents.


If it is a backpacker, it is convenient to use traditional hand-held tents, light weight, easy to carry and build, and can be put directly into the backpack after disassembly; automatic tents are generally used in park outings and self-driving tour, self-driving family You can choose a quick-open automatic tent. It is quick and convenient to set up and store, but it is more suitable for the trunk.

Before buying a tent, ask 3 questions:
1. What seasons or circumstances do you want to use in the tents?
2. How many people use tents?
3. How much do you want to spend?

If you only use tents in spring, summer and autumn, and use them in low-altitude areas (below 3000 meters), a three-season tent with an average water resistance of 3000 is enough.

If you like 1 person for long-distance travel, you can choose a single tent, or a tent for 1 or 2 people, such as a single-handed account, which is lighter;

If it is 2 people, or 3 people, choose a tent of the corresponding size, generally each person occupies a width of 55 to 60 cm.

If you use tents in winter and relatively high altitudes, it is recommended to use a four-season tent with a snow skirt. The wind and pressure resistance is relatively better, because in high-risk environments, the choice of equipment directly affects your safety. Generally, such an environment requires an aluminum pole account, and the waterproof coefficient is above 3,000 with a silicon coated fabric. Within the scope of your own economy, it is recommended to buy a better tent.

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